SellEBRATE: A sales guide for those who hate to lose
Unlock the power of sales success. The simple guide goes beyond the typical sales manual, offering readers a blueprint for success that is both innovative and practical.

Whether you are an employee, employer, entrepreneur, or self employed individual, SellEBRATE TM, provides invaluable insights and strategy to elevate your sales game. With focus on simplicity, effectiveness and replicability, this book equips readers with tools they need to build a sustainable and efficient sales team.

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About the Author

Melody is a Forbes Los Angeles Business Contributor, Inventor of the World’s First Push Button Retractable High Heels, Founder of Cost Wise Insurance Center, a multi Line insurance agency, Leadership Podcast Host and now a non fiction author of “SellEBRATE TM , A Sales Guide For Those Who Hate To Lose”. She has condensed her decades of sales, business and leadership experience into a powerful yet simple customer-centric sales systems that works.


A Sales Guide for Those Who Hate to Lose

Chapter One: The Most Important Chapter

Selling is the fiber that weaves together all other elements in business. Increased salesperson skills means more money in less time

Chapter Two: Early Lesson in sales

You have to use everything-pain challenges obstacles to make the steadfast commitment to succeed then be willing to pay the price for it

Chapter Three: Debunking Sales Myth

Explore popular beliefs that may be hindering your growth. There are many misconceptions about the fundamentals of selling. Here we dispel sales myths one narrative at a time

Chapter Four: Hierarchy of a Sales Persona

There’s a hierarchy of sales people in the business world. Where you fall in that order depends on your values, vision, attitude. sophistication, training and skills. Your impact on others and potential for success are inextricably linked to these things.

Chapter Five: SellEBRATE TM The Art of Small Wins

What are the benefits of Sellebrating and tips to practice the art of celebrating small wins.

Chapter Six: You dont have to be Nasty to Win

Understand the economic benefit of being good. What is the difference between being nice or kind. Why is nice ok but kindness is better.

Chapter Seven: If we Could only Buy Discipline

Discipline is the fiber that bridge goals and results. If we cant buy discipline, we can progressively learn how to build it up. Here we provide suggestion on how to do that.

Chapter Eight: The Art of Getting Things Done

Proper Use of Strategy, Tactics, Follow Up, and Follow Through are essentials to your company’s success. Each complements the other to complete the game plan.

Chapter Nine: Sales is A Mindset Sport

Sales is all about your mindset. Gamification is a strategic attempt to motivate, energize, and engage your team to elevate their productivity.

Chapter Ten: Don’t Sell the Product, Sell the Solution

Price VS Value. How can you win the price war.

Chapter Eleven: Make it Unboring

Be unique, relevant and a cut above the rest. Celebrate Uniqueness and ways to leverage it in business.

Chapter Twelve: Dissecting IT WORKS

IT WORKS is a play on words that helps the trainer cement the fundamentals steps in selling. It is a formula to make your sales process repeatable and effortless.


A Sales Guide for Those Who Hate to Lose

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