SellEBRATE reads like a masterclass led by a seasoned sales mentor, guiding you through the intricacies of the industry. This book is a treasure trove of proven strategies and a mindset that has propelled real teams to the summit. Whether you’re a sales professional or a business owner, the distilled wisdom within will undoubtedly enhance your approach, leading to a more efficient sales force and impressive retention rates.
Mark Mahle

CEO, Founder, NetActuate

With boundless energy and infectious charisma, Melody consistently achieves top level sales production through skillful business strategy and unwavering commitment to excellence. It is exciting that she now shares these insights, strategies and mindset to help those who inspire to be at the top of their game.
Theresa Nguyen-Muth

CEO, Founder, WealthCentric Insurance and Financial Services, Inc.

Melody is probably the finest salesperson I know.
She won me over on multiple occasions, and I always wondered how she managed to do
so. Contagious positivity was my bet, but there must have been much more to it.
Happy she wrote this book and codified her method. Will use it in my life and business extensively.
Rafael Badziag

Author of The Billion Dollar Secret, CEO, Founder, 10 Digit Impact Group (10DIG)

Melody Avecilla stands out as one of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever encountered. Ironically, this wasn’t what caught my eye upon meeting her. The sparkle in her eyes competes for attention with the wide smile that seamlessly blends into the melodic tone of her friendly voice. “How can I help you?” And, indeed, she does.
Entering her office with the simple intention of securing car insurance, I departed with coverage not just for my vehicle but also for my home, business, and life. Most importantly, I gained a friend who supported me through challenging moments in my life.
Throughout the years, observing Melody balancing supervising her son’s homework with tending to clients in the office; witnessing her conceptualize, nurture, and successfully sell new businesses, and eevolve while leading and nurturing an entire team, it became evident that Melody’s greatest asset isn’t merely her cleverness, but her tenacity, courage, and an unwavering life philosophy that rejects “no” as a final answer, even though her firm posture is accompanied by a wide smile and a determined stride in high-heeled shoes (which ingeniously transform into flats when the situation demands). This adaptability, a trademark of hers, echoes the resilience that leaves an indelible mark.
I’ve always admired Melody’s fearlessness, her articulate assertiveness in business, and her remarkable sales acumen. The prospect of delving into her mind through this book captivates me, offering an invaluable opportunity to glean insights from a successful woman of exceptional character.
Connie Schulte

Tintero Publishing, Publisher, Writer, Journalist

If you aspire to be in sales, want to improve your current sales performance, or launch your own business, read this book and be prepared to be fed with a firehose. Melody delivers insight after insight at a breakneck pace. It’s easy and fun to read, full of anecdotes, and pure gold. It contains everything Melody knows about sales and inspires you to try and match her. Get a copy for every salesperson in your team … NOW!
Garry Mansell

Serial Exited Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Author

SellEBRATE by Melody Avecilla is an exceptional book on selling, a critical competence that is often overlooked by many of today’s entrepreneurs and businesses. This crucial skill set has seemingly taken a back seat in our discussions, possibly due to the rapid influx of technological innovations. However, as mentioned in the book, no product sells itself, and possessing great selling skills—which is essentially about serving customers—provides an unmatched advantage over competitors. SellEBRATE is truly comprehensive, delving not only into sales strategies but also into the personal qualities necessary to excel in selling, such as mindset, behavior, discipline, and attitude, among others. I commend Melody for writing such an outstanding book and strongly urge everyone to read it.
David Y Choi, Ph.

Conrad N. Hilton Chair of Entrepreneurship, Loyola Marymount University


A Sales Guide for Those Who Hate to Lose

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